Stop Starting : Start Stopping

The Business Detox Intervention
Free yourself from wasteful activities so you can charge ahead in your business

Business & Marketing Idea fatigue?

  • Exhausted from too much to do and not enough time?
  • Paralysed by too many competing ideas, distractions and gurus?
  • Confused about what tactics will work for your expert business?
  • Don’t know whether to pivot, pull out or push on?

Your Hosts:

Debbie Jenkins

Joe Gregory

Business Detox Intensive:



3:00 PM


What you’ll discover on this dangerous & direct
Business Detox Intervention

  • Identify the tasks that are consuming your time and not producing results so you can eliminate them
  • Find out the truth about what's making you money, saving you money or is just a drain on your resources
  • Discover the most powerful question any business owner should use - this one question will change the way you look at your business and your life!
  • Master the 'POG' to make fast decisions that work for your business
  •  Reduce pains and increase gains with just one tool
  • Free up time and resources, reclaim your sense of direction, build your business

Join us on this action-focused 2 hour BUSINESS DETOX INTENSIVE so you can decide 
what tactics you’ll focus on and confidently move forwards to your goals...

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Places on the live Business Detox Intervention are limited!
Reserve your seat now and join us this live and dangerous intensive
that will change the way you run your business...

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