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Watch, Listen or Read: Chaos to Creation Confessions

The Chaos To Creation Confessions Podcast

Listen to the confessions of consultants, experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers and trainers. They divulge their firsts, failures, feck ups and fight backs so you can: 

  • Avoid making the same stupid mistakes
  • Find out what they did wrong AND what they did better the next time
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes in the future
  • Get an unfair advantage

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Recent Confessions

Create Your Minimum Valuable Asset™

It shouldn't be so hard!

If thought leaders, consultants and authors shipped Minimum Valuable Assets™ more often they would have a massively unfair advantage. They would get useful feedback to create better products and services. They would be more visible, more frequently. They would punch through the noise and get paid properly for their expertise.

Minimum Valuable Assets™ allow you to monetise your thought leadership.

But how do you create assets? 

Where do you start?

The first question I always ask my clients is: "What's your core model?" Frequently they don't have one. That's where you start. Build the core model that you name, claim and own. Your core model can be shared, discussed, open doors, get into heads, live after you... this is the context for all your subsequent creations. 

Chaos is a feature, not a bug...

Consultants: If you don’t make time for asset creation, you will have to make time for job hunting...

Check what my clients say

Debs is a wonderful resource - insightful, versatile, thorough, and timely...

"Thanks for all your great support and advice! I wouldn’t be sending my book to Bloomsbury Publishing without you."

Ann Latham

(Queen of Clarity, Author)


Debs is a breath of fresh air, a trusted partner, a muse for creativity...

"A major catalyst in getting my message and brand out into the world. Debs helps me capture my thoughts and ideas in a way that can be clearly and compellingly shared with others. She helps me organize my IP while connecting the dots from one piece of content to the next."

Dr Liz Bywater

( Strategic CEO Advisor)


Debs is a leader in design thinking...

"Debs works magic. Without being a domain expert, she is a leader in design thinking for any author. She asks the right questions, she sees through you and brings it all together."

Efi Pylarinou

( Fintech & Blockchain Advisor)


About Debbie Jenkins.

I'm Debs Jenkins, I guide smart people, experts and thought leaders to get out of the chaos in their heads and create Minimum Valuable Assets™ that their clients will love.

I am an author, coach and mentor. Find out more about me at: