April 22, 2021

Ann Latham on Chaos to Creation Confessions: Are you suffering from clarity blindness?

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Are you suffering from clarity blindness?

Ann Latham: “You need a well-defined process to get to a good decision… and to avoid bad decisions, really slow decision making and second guessing decisions.”

“When writing my book outline I was constantly re-framing and re-adjusting the process, which is an important thing to do for anything that’s not a standard repeatable process”

Ann Latham, http://www.uncommonclarity.com

Find out why Ann rides a unicycle… while carrying a canoe – and why it’s important to you

Clarity questions: Where am I now? What have I accomplished? What do I need to do next?

“The Power of Clarity does for knowledge workers, what lean thinking and the Toyota way have done for the factory floor.”

Ann Latham, http://www.uncommonclarity.com

Ann Latham has worked with clients in over 40 industries and ranging from for-profit organizations, such as Boeing, Medtronic, and Hitachi, to nonprofit organisations as diverse as Public Television and Smith College. Why does she work with such a wide range of clients? Because they all need greater clarity to get better results faster and with more confidence and commitment.

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