October 6, 2020

Callum Laing on Chaos to Creation Confessions: What to do when you lose it all?

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What to do when you lose it all?

Callum: “From an investor’s standpoint, you’ve got half the world’s economy locked up in small businesses like us”

“And you smack your head against the wall until something breaks. And hopefully, it’s not my head.”

Callum Laing, https://www.callumlaing.com/

With my business partner, Jeremy, we had come up with an idea to solve a problem for small business…

Find out about their ambitious idea – Agglomerate – to help small businesses group together to create a publicly listed company.

“The thing with creative ideas is they’re always brilliant when you first have them, and then you have to test them against the market.”

Callum Laing, https://www.callumlaing.com/

Callum Laing is the Founder & CEO of MBH Corporation PLC, helping small businesses owners leverage the capital markets whilst retaining full control of their companies.

Callum has been there, done it, got the t-shirt and rang the bell!

Different type of creation…not just creation of a book – though Callum has done that a few times! – not just creation of a product – not JUST the creation of a BUSINESS which Callum has also done – BUT the creation of a whole new type of asset class – a TYPE of BUSINESS – which is helping small businesses collaborate so they can play with the big boys…

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