October 5, 2020

David Kadavy on Chaos to Creation Confessions: Systemise to use creative energy more efficiently!

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Systemise to use creative energy more efficiently!

David: “Create constraints where you can be creative within them.”

“Creative work is random, you kind of don’t know when you’re going to have a great idea or a great insight, you can’t force it.”

David Kadavy, https://kadavy.net/

David set out to understand the subtle differences for when he was creative so he could make the connection between the actions he was taking and the output that he was making.

“I started to dig into the neuroscience of creativity. What does it mean to have a creative insight? What are the conditions that are ideal for that?”

David Kadavy, https://kadavy.net/

David has written and published three books:

The Heart to Start: will help you stop procrastinating and start creating.

Design for Hackers: will change the way you see design.

His most recent creation: Mind Management, Not Time Management. It helps creators be productive when creativity matters.

These can be found on https://kadavy.net/

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