August 6, 2020

Dr Liz Bywater on Chaos to Creation Confessions: Learn about the concept of Slow Down to Speed Up®

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Learn about the concept of Slow Down to Speed Up®

Liz Bywater: “There are a million ways I’ve been able to repurpose material from my book…”

“An essential part of getting the right things done includes taking care of yourself.”

Dr Liz Bywater,

Learn how you can use your book as the hub for many assets such as toolkits, PDFs, articles, slide decks, keynotes, workshops.

How you can create multiple Minimum Valuable Assets ™.

“Once you’ve done that slowing down work, you are then poised to go fast”

Dr Liz Bywater,

Dr. Liz Bywater is a client leadership expert who works at the intersection of business and psychology. She works with senior executives and teams across all sorts of different companies like Johnson and Johnson, Bristol Myers, AmerisourceBergen, Nike, and Thomas Reuters. Liz developed this rapidly actionable framework for success. And she’s captured this framework, this idea in her book, Slow Down to Speed Up.

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