August 6, 2020

Jane Frankland on Chaos to Creation Confessions: Look for the signals…

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Look for the signals…

Jane: “Naming things is hard, but you can iterate it – not all hamsters should be called fluffy”

“Have data-driven conversations because that’s where the power is”

Jane Frankland,

Jane took advantage of the accidental creation process to serve people who knew, liked and trusted her…and how Jane used a Kickstarter campaign to test her idea for a book… would people put money down?

“How, “Your comment is very revealing.” shuts up the worst haters”

Jane Frankland,

Jane Frankland: Cybersecurity Specialist. Entrepreneur. Writer

Jane Frankland is working to better the world by training and educating businesses on cybersecurity. She focuses specifically on gender inclusion in science through the IN Security Movement, which she founded to connect, inspire and empower cybersecurity professionals. She believes “a more gender balanced workforce will enable greater security, innovations and all-round happiness.”

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