October 5, 2020

Michael Simmons on Chaos to Creation Confessions: Are you majoring in the right type of knowledge?

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Are you majoring in the right type of knowledge?

Michael: “Are you applying only 1% of the 80/20 rule?”

“Four steps for learning how to learn: 1. take in information and data, 2. algorithm and processing, 3. experimentation and action, 4. feedback.”

Michael Simmons, https://mentalmodelclub.com/

Find out how Michael uses his “double time”, what the “learning loop” is all about, what FUNRUC means, and how to get faster through experimentation.

“No great author ever said that the key to being a great novelist is typing faster.”

Michael Simmons, https://mentalmodelclub.com/

Michael Simmons is a Writer and a writing teacher whose writing has been read tens of millions of times in publications like Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and TIME.

Michael co-founded his first business, Princeton WebSolutions (PWS), when he was sixteen years old. PWS was later rated the #1 youth-run web development company in the nation by Youngbiz Magazine.

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